Tenure and Election

The tenure of the Central Committee will be 5 years. After the expiration of the tenure the President and General Secretary of Central Committee will be elected by the 50% majority of the existing Central Committee and Executive Committee of Bangladesh People's Democratic Party (BPDP).  After being elected President and General Secretary, then the President will select all others members of the Central Committee and nominate the members of Executive Committee in consultation with the General Secretary. Then after being formed of the Central Committee, then the Central Committee will have to approve the Executive Committee by the 50% majority. However, with the 50% majority of Central Committee and Executive Committee, both Committees can continue previous committee with some changes if necessary. However, in case of Emergency Situation the General Secretary can postponed the Election with the approval of the President but the time will not exceed six months.  However, the tenure of the National Committee and Subordinate Committees will also be 5 years and they will be selected by the Executive Committee.  However, in case of Subordinate Committees as   The District Committee of Bangladesh People's Democratic Party (BPDP), Metropolitan Cities Committee of Bangladesh People's Democratic Party (BPDP) and the Bangladesh People's Democratic Party (BPDP) Branches approved by the Executive Committee of Bangladesh People's Democratic Party (BPDP), these Subordinate Committees can be elected by the local members of that respective area.

সভাপতির পরিচিতি

Founder President of Bangladesh People's Democratic Party (BPDP) 

Alhaj Md. Jalal Uddin. Date of Birth: 21st Nov. 1968

মহাসচিবের বক্তব্য

Welcome everybody in our political party "Bangladesh People's Democratic Party (BPDP). This is a political party which is fully dedicated for the establishment of proper democracy in Bangladesh.


গুরুত্বপূর্ণ লিংকসমূহ

আপনি এখন আছেন 'নির্বাচনী ইশতেহার' এ
কপিরাইট ২০১২-২০১৩ সর্বস্বত্ব বাংলাদেশ পিপলস ডেমোক্রেটিক পার্টি কর্তৃক সংরক্ষিত।
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