Fundamental Principles

The fundamental principles of the Bangladesh People's Democratic Party (BPDP) shall be Bangladeshi Nationalism, Democracy, and Secularism which means to ensure freedom of all religions in Bangladesh.


The President of Bangladesh people's Democratic Party (BPDP) Alhaj Md. Jalal Uddin will be able to take any decision in any national crisis, bad condition or good condition being powered by the constitution. And any leader or member of the party will not go against the party. On that condition the President will be able to take any decision about any arraigns within the party and power of resection will be on President. Any request will not be allowed on that situation. He will be considered if he is proved guiltless in future. If our party elects as ruler of the country, any good decision will be taken according to the constitution. Auditing will be constituted for all Ministers and MPs in every year, and has to arraign to Govt. Head and Party President. Any reasonable speech will get importance if only one says it. If the constitution of Bangladesh Peoples Democratic Party needs to be changed ever, it can be changed with the permission of the President. According to the govt. rules and regulations the leaders and members can organize conference and moblize. The leaders and members can share their thought with the media. Our motto will be-

People                            Unity                              Power                               Peace


সভাপতির পরিচিতি

Founder President of Bangladesh People's Democratic Party (BPDP) 

Alhaj Md. Jalal Uddin. Date of Birth: 21st Nov. 1968

মহাসচিবের বক্তব্য

Welcome everybody in our political party "Bangladesh People's Democratic Party (BPDP). This is a political party which is fully dedicated for the establishment of proper democracy in Bangladesh.


গুরুত্বপূর্ণ লিংকসমূহ

আপনি এখন আছেন 'বিপিডিপির ঘোষণাপত্র' এ
কপিরাইট ২০১২-২০১৩ সর্বস্বত্ব বাংলাদেশ পিপলস ডেমোক্রেটিক পার্টি কর্তৃক সংরক্ষিত।
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